How to Establish a Wi-Fi Connection in Canon Printer?

Your Canon Printer must be correctly connected with Wi-Fi before you begin using the printer.
Take a look at the steps that are given below.



01. How can you connect your Canon printer to the network?

If your Canon printer does not support the wireless connectivity, you must manually link your printer to the network through an Ethernet cable. For the wired connection, you must have a working ethernet port on your Canon printer. You need to locate the ethernet port on your printer; however, remember that this port can be present on back and front depending on your printer's model. Check the printer manual for finding the ethernet port and then insert one end of the ethernet cable into that port. Then insert the other end of the ethernet cable in the ethernet port of your router. Thus, the connection between your printer and router is successfully set up.

02. What should you do when the official website of Canon is not responding?

When the official website of Canon is not opening in your system, then you need to see whether you have an active internet connection or not. Check whether the internet cable is connected correctly to the router and your device. Make sure that you are using the updated version of the web browser for opening the webpage. Make sure you have entered the correct web address of the Canon printer.

03. How to fix "Printer is not recognized" error while setting up Canon printer driver?

If your computer does not recognize your Canon printer, you need to recheck the connection between them. Check whether the USB cable is damaged or faulty and if it is defective, buy a new cable. Make sure that cables are not loosely connected to your printer as well as your computer. In case of wireless connection, make sure to check the network name and even ensure that your printer and computer are connected to the same Wi-Fi.

04. How to reset Canon printer to its factory default settings?

First, find the Resume/Cancel button of your Canon printer. Now, press the Resume/Cancel button until the alarm lamp flickers 17 times. Once done, you can release the Resume/Cancel button. You must know factory resetting your printer can fix minor issues of Canon printer.

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